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Hi Everyone!  I am so excited to get back to blogging!  Last semester my school workload killed me and over the past couple of months I have been through a whirlwind of life events, changes, and transitions.  In fact, this past week has been the first time in several months that I feel content, settled, and happy.  I am very affected by my surroundings, and don't do well with change and being in flux.  

This past Sunday, I moved into my new studio apartment.  It was such an incredible find, in the neighborhood of Bay Ho, with a large yard, space to garden, and facing a canyon with incredible views!  It is so quiet here and its the perfect amount of space for me.  I was so worried about being able to fit everything, and now that I have unpacked, I actually have unused cabinets and shelves!  To me this home is a metaphor for my life right now... I am making space for the things that matter, bring me joy, and add value to my life... There is no room for anything else.  I have always craved a tiny cottage in the woods like Snow White, and this is what my new place feels like!  I wake up to sunshine and birds chirping (and yes the kitties are loving all the birds).  I have space to cook, knit, garden, and do DIY projects and crafts.  All of my favorite things!

Alright, enough gushing.  I am looking forward to doing lots of future posts about gardening, cooking, design, and small space living, but without further ado... Here are some pictures of my new home!